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Deep Tenger Venture Studio Ltd. (DTVS)

At DTVS, we are the leading software development house who has specialized in the application of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in developing novel solutions for supporting decision-making and solving critical business problems.

In its application, artificial intelligence refers to the application and development of software which solve real-world — and typically business-related — problems. This is a branch of computer science which is dedicated towards development of machine learning models which mimic intelligent human behavior.

We can help our clients either with "data products" or "decision sciences", depending on the problem they need to solve. read more...

Data Science


Is it art or science? The answer is both. If you have a hard scientific question, and you can answer it with data, then it is a science.

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AI System Integrated


What is AI system integration and how can we use it to take the engagement of our customers to another level?

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Recommendation System

Conversion+ Engine

Conversion+ is a recommendations engine. DTVS information filtering system provides personalized recommendations to users.

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65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers, and it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one satisfied. - -source quoted as Gartner

- DTVS Integrated AI Systems for CRM -


We make things that do things
Offline advert tracking


Tracking offline advertisement campaigns is a major challenge. For example, analyzing the effectiveness of TV, Radio or Printed Media ad campaigns is a hard problem.

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Recommendation Systems


Our Deep Learning recommender is commonly used on e-commerce and VOD platforms that use content or product recommendation systems.

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Customer Relationship Management - CRM


DTVS developed a powerful, highly effective Machine Learning and Deep Learning model to solve a variety of different Customer relationship management (CRM) problems.

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Venture Studio

Innovative, scalable business ideas.

Venture Studio

Deep Tenger Venture Studio Ltd. (DTVS)

Are you a startup venturing in the development of software applications using data science, deep learning or artificial intelligence (AI) technology? And are you looking for a technology partner who will offer you the support to kickstart or scale your project? We are a venture builder specializing in building start-ups.

We are a successful software development house which has specialized in the application of data science and artificial intelligence. Our products and services include software solutions and data analysis models which support decision-making process by turning data into valuable information. read more...

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