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Information Technology Enabled Service – Business Process Outsourcing

The era of Big Data is here as organizations generate voluminous gold mine of structured and unstructured data at very high speed from many different sources and in many formats. Businesses which collect, analyze and accurately interpreted data and apply it in their decision-making processes have a substantial competitive advantage over their competitors.

To benefit from the raw data in their possession, organizations must invest in the correct data analysis tools and highly trained data engineers.

Due to the complexities and volumes of data, most businesses engage the services of software engineering companies to build data analysis models that break data into small, consumable pieces. On their part, these software companies may sub-contract the projects to outside firms mainly because of some capacity constraints such as inexperienced in-house developers or excess workload. Additionally, the software companies may just be seeking cheaper outside services.

DTVS, based in the Far East (Hong Kong and Taiwan), is the partner of choice for such software firms. We work with these software companies to develop software solutions and analysis models that help their customers to have access to state of the art data science and engineering services at a significantly lower cost.

Outsourcing Technology Services

Data Science:
This refers to the application of algorithms, processes, and applications in the extraction of knowledge or insights from either structured or unstructured data. We offer a variety of data science services including data visualization and communication tools, knowledge discovery functionalities, machine learning solutions for pattern recognition, coding services for programming complex algorithms, data analysis infrastructure, statistics and building mathematical models

Data Architecture:
We build and deploy data storage systems based on your client’s unique business need. Our data architecture services include designing and building relational databases, building software infrastructure to handle big data, data cleansing, secure data exchange and the implementation of the data analysis tools.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
We employ Deep Learning techniques to solve your CRM challenges.

Data Analytics:
We deploy a diverse set of skills and technologies to provide analytics solutions for a variety of different enterprises and industries. Our data analytics services include the development of statistical methodologies for discovery and analysis of big data, predictive analytics, customized graphics for more accurate interpretation and visualization of the results and tools for measuring and tracking performance.

Sentiment analysis/Opinion Mining:
This refers to the process of analyzing a text to establish whether it is positive or negative. We make use of machine learning algorithms to help you understand how people feel about your business, product or topic. Our sentiment analysis services include social media text analysis, analysis of online product or service reviews, article summarization, and analysis of online brand sentiments by customers.

Other products include:

Recommendation system:
We make use of Deep Learning to predict your user's responses to options thus helping you to achieve higher conversion rates on your website.

Ad Campaign Optimization:
This tool helps you to track the effectiveness of your offline advertisement. It uses machine learning in analyzing the effectiveness of TV, Radio or Printed Media ad campaigns.

The advantages of outsourcing with DTVS?

Why Deep Tenger Venture Studio?

DTVS is fully prepared to handle your Business process outsourcing (BPO) & Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO); we are specialized in Information Technology Enabled Service – Business Process Outsourcing (ITES-BPO).

Highly skilled and experienced professionals:
At DTVS we have a huge pool of highly skilled and experienced staff. We only employ the best in the industry. Our data scientists and software engineering professionals are trained in the best American universities and are fluent in English.

We offer the best prices in the market. Our cost structure has been optimized to ensure that we deliver the best quality work at the most competitive prices for our customers.

Wide industry networks:
DTVS is the founder of the Taipei Data Science Group with over 800 members. This platform provides us with excellent working relationships with some of the most highly qualified Data Scientists in Asia and we are able to handle very complex big data projects.

Experience with clients from diverse background and nationalities:
We have dealt with clients from many diverse backgrounds, industries, and nationalities. Our most recent clients are Optimis Corp of Los Angeles, USA and DE Media Group Ltd of Hong Kong.

World-class customer service and support:
Our customer service and project support teams have been trained to offer the best customer experience.

So are you considering hiring an in-house data scientist or engineer to handle your clients’ big data projects? You need not to. With DTVS all your data science consultancy requirements have been taken care of.

Working with us, you can reduce your operating expenses 30% – 40%. You do not have to hire engineers to perform your IT functions; most of your projects can be outsourced to us. No more projects running over budget. With our contractually fixed fees, working with us will make your costs predictable.

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