Social Media Data Mining

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Understanding Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis, (a.k.a Opinion Mining) is the process of establishing whether a text (i.e. comment, review, tweet etc.) is positive or negative. Our Machine Learning algorithms will help you to understand how people feel about a certain product or topic.

Outdated market research methods like surveys, interviews or focus groups don't work anymore.

What are the practical applications for sentiment analysis?
The applications for Opinion Mining are endless. The possibilities are only bound by the limits of your imagination. There are many meaningful ways you can use sentiment analysis to add significant value to your business. One popular application is to track customer reviews, comments, survey responses and competitors. Sentiment analysis delivers amazing results in social media monitoring. You can apply it to any situations where you have to analyze text.

So, what’s wrong with reading the comments or tweets?
Well, there is nothing wrong with reading text if you have 10 - 20 or even 100. But, what if you have to read thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of pieces of text? We can provide you the tools to analyze millions of comments, reviews or tweets. You will never have to read any of them. Our machine learning algorithms will read the text for you. Our tools will allow you to gain valuable insight into any topic.

Sentiment Analysis

Traditional Market Research

What's wrong with traditional methods?
Surveys, interviews or focus groups are ancient history. They are time consuming, inaccurate and expensive. Our text mining and machine learning tools will achieve better results in a few seconds. And, the costs are lower than traditional methods.

Sentiment Analysis is more and more popular because it’s efficient. You can analyze topics, sentiment, named entities in millions of texts in only a few seconds. Recently, we performed sentiment analysis on a data-set with millions of rows. It didn’t take us very long to do it. But, to perform this job manually would have taken us about 16 years.

How can I afford this kind of technology?
Our fees are lower than you think. We don’t believe in the one size fits all approach, we will tailor our solution to your specific needs and budget.

Sentiment Analysis Tools- Machine Learning Services:

Social Media Monitoring
Social media text sentiment analysis i.e. positive or negative.

Online Product or Service reviews:
Opinion mining to analyze the sentiment in online reviews.

Opinion Mining:
Categorizing opinions expressed in any text.

Article Summarization:
Creating a summary of a text document or many text documents.

Brand Sentiment:
Customer sentiment with regards to any brand online.

Content Analysis:
Using text mining algorithyms to find patterns and correlations between patterns in the texts.