Starting a business in technology?

Are you starting a startup?

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Our Venture studio focuses on the process of start-up creation using our multi-disciplinary team and state-of-the-art infrastructure. We are not an incubator or an accelerator but rather our program seeks to partner with young innovators in jointly founding businesses. We partner with start-ups who represent the future of artificial intelligence in developing solutions to solve real-world and business-related problems.

Our venture studio features young entrepreneurs who are at the innovative early-stage or at the growth-stage and are tapping into data science, AI or deep learning technologies to create disruptive solutions which will shape the way organizations will do business in future.

Our venture builder program aims to create opportunities for business development, pilots, and partnerships and enables the startups to develop and grow new business models and technologies that will drive innovations.

The venture studio concept and the venture-building philosophy are definitely gaining momentum in the tech industries. DTVS is happy to be part of this movement.

Are you a tech entrepreneur?

Network of innovators.

At our venture studio, we know that it is impractical to expect an innovator to possess all the necessary skills required to run a successful business. Such skills include strategic thinking, sales and marketing, raising capital (fundraising), operations and more.

Our philosophy is premised on the fact that studies have shown enterprises founded by a team of people have better entrepreneurial performance than those founded by individuals.

Our venture studio connects young entrepreneurs to entrepreneurial expertise, resources and a community of like-minded peers. We support them at any stage of their venture right from early brainstorming through to early launch and, in some cases, fundraising.

The program looks out for entrepreneurs who:

  • Are running a start-up or a have an innovative business idea which can be replicated and scaled.
  • Have a desire to innovate in order to transform the way organizations conduct their business.
  • Acknowledge that through working with a team, they can transform the world faster.

Our commitment is to work with the young entrepreneurs for as long as it takes to make the venture successful.

The lean startup concept

We have a hands-on, highly-qualified and competent network with deep industry experience. Our strong sharing network works with the entrepreneurs to build the businesses by providing the expertise, resources, and assistance in the operations of the start-ups. Our Venture Studio offers the following;


The costs of software development used in these specialized fields are a major entry barrier for many start-ups. By partnering with us the start-ups are able to make use of our heavy investment in applications development software.

Access to our highly-qualified team of professionals;

We have invested in assembling the most competent research and development, software design and development, quality assurance and implementation teams. The teams have accumulated many years of experience.


We provide funding to kick start or to scale the operations of the startup.

Access to our strong network of peers, professionals and industry leaders;

We facilitate one-to-one sessions with other founders, industry veterans, venture capitalists and product specialists.

Marketing, finance, and administrative functions;

This frees the entrepreneur so that they can concentrate in executive the business idea.

Access to our network of customers;

This includes a participation in an invite-only Demo Day to present your products and solicit feedback from our customers.

For more details, please contact us through our contact page.